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 This Website was Created and is Edited by Illeybrook Stud 

This Website is Heading into it's 6th year in 2014

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Many thanx for all who have emailed, called and messaged me with judges over the last few years!

Welcome to Welsh Show Judges,created for easy access to who is judging where and when.I have made this website for easy use and the only place you need to come to.I have made all the information into charts as this is what i have been wanting when i have been showing,i thought it was about time someone made one.

None of the judges are 100% confirmed,i gather the information from word of mouth,they may also be changed so it is recommended that you contact the show itself to confirm details.If you know of a judge not on the list please contact me.

If there is anything you would like added to this website please email me with suggestions.

To keep everyone informed as much as possible,i ask everyone if there is a judge you know of who is not on the list to judge a show please email me and it will be added.

Thanx for visiting and i hope you find all the info you are looking for!

 Shelley Dobbs - Illeybrook Stud


               Email: Illeybrook_stud@hotmail.co.uk